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乐发彩票登入,备用,官方网址read the stories and reasoning from health care professionals working with us, which highlight the urgent need for single payer in pennsylvania.

Let’s Present Medicare Fairly

by William Davidson, Jr. MD

article explaining the differences between Traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage Programs should be considered an advertisement for the private health insurance industry rather than a thoughtful, unbiased presentation of information.  For instance, Wenner’s article fails to mention that Medicare Advantage Plans restrict your choice of doctors and hospitals making Seniors vulnerable to “surprise, out of network” billing. On the other hand, and never mentioned in the article, Traditional Medicare has always given Seniors the choice of doctors and hospitals.  

     Wenner’s article goes on to mention that the private Advantage plans “make money through prevention”.  That sounds good but, a more accurate explanation for the private insurer’s profits is that, through lobbying efforts, the federal government (America’s taxpayers) pays them 12% more than Traditional Medicare.   Illegal “upcoding” and other questionable practices have also padded the private insurer’s bottom line.

     Probably the most telling line in the article was “if you have cancer”, you will probably want to get Traditional Medicare.  In other words, if you are or will become sick, it’s Traditional Medicare that is your real friend for life.


Improved Medicare for All: Another physician’s response to U.S. Rep. John Joyce

By Dr. Dwight Michael MD 

As a family physician working on the frontline of healthcare for 33+ years — and a lifelong Republican — I take issue with Rep. John Joyce’s attempts to make health care an issue of left versus right in his article on March 19.  Joyce, a dermatologist elected last fall to represent our newly drawn district, wrongly paints “Medicare for All” as the proposal of “extreme” Democrats.  A vast majority of Americans of every political stripe, including Republicans, identify health care as their top worry and their top priority for Congress to fix. Recent polling data of the non-partisan Kaiser Family Foundation shows that 56% favor proposals for Medicare for All.

In his March 19 op-ed, Rep. Joyce claims that he’s seen “first hand” how “Obamacare” (the Affordable Care Act) has caused premiums, deductibles and copays to skyrocket. The truth is, patients’ out-of-pocket costs were well on their way to the stratosphere prior to the ACA. If Joyce needs someone to blame, he should look no further than the middlemen of healthcare that siphon billions of dollars from our healthcare system in the form of profits and high administrative costs.   

Every American who is frustrated with our healthcare status quo knows that we need change. But Joyce dismisses single-payer healthcare as “pie in the sky” even though many other industrialized nations have provided universal healthcare at a much lower cost per individual than our system.  A system that still does not cover 30+ million Americans.  Instead of dismissing these ideas out of hand, Joyce should consider economic impact studies such as a recent analysis from the University of Massachusett’s Political Economy Research Institute (PERI). This and other studies have concluded that “Improved Medicare for All” could provide affordable health care for all Americans, and that almost all Americans would pay significantly less for their care than they pay now.                                        continue reading here





By William Davidson Jr. MD

    As momentum builds for Single Payer Medicare for All health care reform, we once again hear from Conservatives that this reform is part of a Socialist plot that will send the country down the road to freedom-destroying Communism. That same refrain was uttered 60 years ago by Ronald Reagan as he urged the country to reject Traditional Medicare, the health care system that has proven to serve our senior and disabled citizens so well.   

Of course, such philosophical criticism is merely a cover for the exploitive private health insurance and pharmaceutical companies that regularly extract billions for CEO salaries and stockholder dividends while our citizens must live with the prospects of high insurance premiums, health insecurity, and medical bankruptcy.   

In this world of information overload all of us must deal with labels because there is neither the time or energy to analyze each important issue thoroughly.  The opinion-shapers know this and attempt to influence us with phrases that capture our emotions rather than to sway us with honest information. For instance, we hear a lot about “government run healthcare” as a negative directed at Medicare for All.  The truth is that Medicare for All leaves the doctor-patient relationship intact while it is our present system that constrains us to doctor/hospital networks determined by the private insurance industry. We have been instructed to fear “socialized medicine” even though the VA has served our veterans quite well for many years.

Republicans are not alone in playing the “labels” game.   Some notable Democrats have stated that Medicare for All would be “unaffordable” due to “higher taxes”.  While all Single payer systems run much less expensively than our present, profit-first system, invoking such labels often ends a meaningful discussion before it can begin.  

So, if the information one receives is directed to our emotions rather than our mind, it is most likely a dishonest plan intended to steer us away from the truth. Improved Single Payer Medicare for All  promises to provide everyone with quality, affordable healthcare which is something our present system is not doing.  

In America, unlike Single Payer countries, we have 30 million uninsured and 60 million underinsured.  We trail the rest of the industrialized world in infant and maternal mortality as well as preventable deaths.  We pay twice as much as Canadians for our healthcare and we are the only industrialized country with medically related bankruptcies.   These are facts—not labels meant to pedal lies.



By Dwight Michael MD

The 2018 elections are now complete.   Nine percent of Americans still do not have health insurance and 30% more are under-insured, meaning that they cannot afford the health care that they need. There are precious few of us that do not know a friend or loved one who has suffered the consequences.

“A team of economists from the University of Massachusetts Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) has found that the Medicare for All Act of 2017, introduced to the United States Senate by Senator Bernie Sanders, is not only economically viable, but could actually reduce health consumption expenditures by about 9.6 percent while also providing decent health care coverage for all Americans.”  

Economist and public policy expert Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor at Columbia University, in reviewing the researchers’ analysis, states “This study is the most comprehensive, detailed, authoritative study ever undertaken of Medicare for All, and it points powerfully and unassailably in support of MFA. “Medicare for All” promises a system that is fairer, more efficient, and vastly less expensive than America’s bloated, monopolized, over-priced and under-performing private health insurance system. Read more here.



By Bill Davidson MD

(An advantage for the Private Insurance Industry but, a disadvantage for America)

The November 13th editorial page of the LDN contained an article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette which warned our elderly citizens to be cautious about choosing a Medicare Advantage plan instead of Traditional Medicare.  The article noted that the Advantage plans, run by the private insurance industry, may be less expensive; however, they usually come with restrictive networks unlike government run Traditional Medicare which gives seniors the freedom to choose whichever hospital or doctor they wish.   While the article attempted to present both options in an unbiased fashion, it entirely left out a major concern that not only impacts seniors but younger Americans as well. Read more here

Medicare-for All has the Right Wing Worried

dr davidson writes about the establishment’s concern “that medicare-for-all is gaining too much traction with ordinary americans. they see medicare-for-all as a tilt toward socialism which is a threat to their philosophy and their pocketbooks….”

As Likely as Donald Trump being elected the President of the United States

dwight michael m.d., a family physician who is a member of gettysburg area democracy for america’s healthcare task force and a board member of healthcare 4 all pa, discusses the likelyhood of  “repeal and replace” of the affordable care act

Straight Talk About Obamacare

dr davidson, a board member of healthcare 4 all pa, wrote this article for the lebanon daily news discussing the affordable care act.

dr talarico, a healthcare4allpa member, wrote this article for the pittsburgh post-gazette on the state of our healthcare system.

The Pennsylvania Health Care Plan: Negotiating Drug Pricing for a Safer, Healthier Pennsylvania

Dr Tyson,a founding member of Healthcare for All PA, spoke at Public Citizen’s Mylan-Epipen Protest at the company’s Canonsburg, PA headquarters.

“Skin in the Game” Can Kill

dr. davidson is a cardiologist and a healthcare for all pa board member.

Insights from the Free Clinic

william r. davidson, jr., m. d., a founding member of health care for all pa as well as a member of physicians for a national health program, speaks of a thyroid patient of his and what she faced when she no longer had health insurance.

Underinsurance is the New Norm

乐发彩票登入,备用,官方网址dwight michael m.d., a family physician who is a member of gettysburg area democracy for america’s healthcare task force and a board member of healthcare for all pa, shines a spotlight on the critical issue of those who remain underinsured, reinforcing the need for single payer.

乐发彩票登入,备用,官方网址can we have a free market for health care? consider the problems and a solution in an entertaining series of slides by healthcare for all pa board member arno vosk, md

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